iPhone Optimised Websites On S60

iPhone Optimisation on The N95 

Harri Salminen has written a neat little application called iPhonesque that makes websites believe that the phone you are using to browse is the iPhone and thus they present the iPhone optimised layout which is much more visually appealing.  Pages designed for iPhone are easier to read and they are visually more pleasing. Take a look at a few more screenshots on his blog for comparison.

He however also notes that inspite of the inherent similarity of both phones’ browsers, iPhonesque Google-pages in S60 don’t every time draw completely and some items seem to be missing. However its something really worth trying, I am installing the application as a write.

Download! (Unsigned SIS)

Update: The sis needs to be signed with the new certificates that are now available from symbiansigned.com. Here’s what the author says:

“Note that you must sign it with your developer certificate (this is also a good place to remind about updated Symbian Signed process and new capabilities if you have publisher ID) including capabilities ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData NetworkControl SwEvent NetworkServices LocalServices ReadUserData WriteUserData UserEnvironment. SIS-file supports S60 3rd edition feature pack 1. When you get the SIS installed, go to www.google.com/m and see how the look-and-feel changes.”

Via: S-F

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5 thoughts on “iPhone Optimised Websites On S60”

  1. Exactly that is it. You must have a developer certificat which costs 200 $. A normal consumer can not install this application.

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