How To Protect Files On Your S60 Device

Password Protected!Password Protected!Password Protection 

This is probably the most frequently asked question, ever! Everybody has certain photos, videos, songs and all sorts of other files which we want to hide from another person. Fortunately there are several 3rd party applications what allow us to do that, but unfortunately they are paid for!

However there are two ways in which you can not only hide files from the Gallery but also password protect them and the best part is that these methods cost nothing. In this post I will go over both of them.


Method I – Using The Zip Application to Password Protect Files

Most currect S60 phones ship with a built in zip manager that allows us to open .zip attachments received from emails etc. In can however also be used to create a password protected archieve. Here’s how:


– Collect all the files you want to hide and password protect in a single folder for convenience. (Not necessary)

– Open the Zip application and select the phone memory or the memory card by pressing the D-pad once to the right for the memory card.

Create Archive

– Select Options and choose “New Archive” and name it as you wish.

Set Password

– Next select Options and then “Set Password” and choose a password of your liking.

Add to Archive

– Now again from Options select Add to Archive.

– Mark the files you want to protect from the folder of your choice and add it/them.

After Adding To the Archive

– A small lock symbol will be displayed next to their name showing that they have been protected, now Exit.

Password Protected!

– The job is done, Use any file manager to open the archive you name and open it. When you want to open the file within it will ask for the password to continue.

This is method is convinient to use and the open and closing of the zip archive is very fast, almost as if opening a password protected folder.

Method II – Using Fexplorer to Password Protect Files

Download and install Fexplorer. (You will need to sign it first)

– Make sure there is no other File manager such as Ybrowser etc installed.

Remove From Gallery

– Use Fexplorer to move whatever files you need to hide and protect to the X:/System/xyz directory. This will remove them from the gallery.

Settings Menu

– Next Choose Options and select  Settings.

Choose a Password

– Scroll down to the password option and fill in a password of your choice.

– Now exit Fexplorer.

Password Protection

– The next time you open Fexplorer it will ask for a password to continue and give you access to the drives, thus password protecting your files which no longer are accessible from the Gallery or the built in file manager.

The only compromise you will have to make is not use some other file manager. This method is most suited to times when you casually have to pass your phone around to friends or some other person. It is highly unlikely that someone will install another file browser at the spur of the moment and then snoop in your files. Another thing that can be done is not to keep the files on the memory card as then they will remain protected even in the mass storage profile.

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5 thoughts on “How To Protect Files On Your S60 Device”

  1. mate nice it possible for this application to secure the Messages folder a password, i mean to have the inbox or outbox password protected?i hope you can help

  2. I am using a Nokia 95 and the I cant view any of files via the zip manager that came with. Is there a security setting that I have to set?

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