Full YouTube On Your S60 v3 Device!

Youtube On S60 

Yes, you read it correctly! You can now have access to any and I mean any video on youtube or any other flash video based website. There is no longer a need for converters or portals like m.vtap.com or the youtube mobile site. Forget them all!

Update: Forget all of this, just look up this post. It is a fully featured YouTube client with no effort involved.

Update: RotateMe wizard Samir has meanwhile released a Youtube player that lets you search for youtube videos and playthen directly on the phone. There’s just one glitch in the beta, you can only search for one word! Really worth a shot. Look here.

In this guide I will list out a few easy steps which will allow you to do so.


1. Flash Lite 3 (Freeware) – Download! (Download if have registered at Adobe Labs or get it after registering from here)

2. Opera – Download!

3. CNPDA Flash Player (Freeware) – Download!

4. A S60v3 Phone e.g. N95, N93, N73, N83, N81, E90, E70 and so on.

Once the above is done with, lets start:

1. Goto Youtube.com from the browser. Exit the mobile version, move onto the classic variant.

2. Search for a video as you normally would, open it.

3. It will fail to playback, nevermind we just need the URL. Save the bookmark and copy from URL from the saved bookmark.

4. Open Opera browser(not mini) and head over to http://www.keepvid.com/. (Or any other site that allows you to extract the Flash video.)


5. Paste the link and make sure to choose Youtube. (In case the video is from any other site choose that particular site’s name).

Select The Relevant Site

6. Press “Download” and after a few seconds you will have a pop up with the download link to the video. The download button is the small box underneath the words “Anysite” in the screenshot above.


7. Once the download is complete, copy the video to E:Others\video.

8. Rename the video to “1.flv”. (or 2.flv or 3.flv)

9. Install Flash light 3 if you already have not.

Setting Up the FLV player:

FLV Player

– Download FLVplayer and copy it to the “Other” folder and create a folder there named “video”. (E:\Others\video)

– Rename your flv files 1.flv, 2.flv, 3.flv and place them in the “video” folder.

10. You can have upto 3 flv files ready for playback. For more simply keep renaming them.

11. Run Flash Lite 3 and select the FLVplayer, choose options and select Full Screen mode.

12. Just press 1 and the video will start playing! Press 4 or 6 for great full screen viewing! If you have more that one video saved press 2 or 3 for the corresponding video to begin playback.

Thats it! Enjoy! The tutorial may look long but in essence is a piece of cake.


– Increase the Display time out to maximum while you are watching videos.
– While the player is running press options for volume and other controls.


Please allow us to download any file type from the web browser, I have been ranting about this for a while now! We won’t need opera then.

The day Flash Lite 3 came out I was thinking of getting this jig to work but could only find time now! Steve your words (“this time next week you’ll have seen S60 smartphones able to access any clip on YouTube… You mark my words!”) are now a reality! 😉

I searched for Touch UI on youtube and here is the video playing on my N95:

Full Youtube On S60!

UPDATE: What seems like a lot of work isn’t much once you have the player setup. I went to youtube, searched for a video, downloaded it and played within 3 minutes. Not bad because you get to keep the video, send it to friends, pc etc but there is a little lag!

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17 thoughts on “Full YouTube On Your S60 v3 Device!”

  1. Ah yes, but the solution I had in mind was the Mobitubia application, demoed over the last few days at Nokia World, which offers direct YouTube access (I think), no fiddling around at all. I wasn’t actually AT Nokia World, but I’m sure some of the attendees will be blogging about Mobitubia fairly shortly.

  2. yes i was at the nokia world, and the mobitubia application does connect direct, as steve said above, it gas ability to show pretty much anything you can from the actuall website, all in a very neat well coded application, it is truely amazing..

  3. ive got an easier way. open up the browser on an n800 goto youtube and watch. or download mediaplayer(ukmp) and copy-n-paste the link for watching without any droped frames or for saving for later 🙂
    i so cant wait for symbian devices to play web video in the browser.

  4. Hello, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, excellent blog!

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