What Would You Like Nokia To Do?

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Nokia had way back in June announced that it was planning a huge reorganisation beginning January 1st 2008, a date that’s now less than a month away. With Nokia World now over, Steve from over at AAS has been pondering how the company is going to integrate the Mobile Phones, Multimedia (i.e. Nseries) and Enterprise (i.e. Eseries) divisions in a workable fashion and what would he do if he was at the helm. I’ve added a few things I’d like to see happening.

Stepping into the shoes of Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuoretain he brings out a certain gameplan Nokia should follow. Here are a few excerpts: 

– It starts with keeping the existing naming systems for phones, Nseries and Eseries are too well eastablished to tamper with.

– Next bring all S60 3rd Edition devices up to the same base level, in terms of media codecs and file handlers along with consistency of components across the different device ranges and also within each range.

– An intoduction of a high end qwerty device would also be on the cards.

– He’d also insist on higher build quality. (Me: This is a must. More metal Nokia!)

– A base specification for all S60 phones, with GPS, 3.5G data and the aforementioned media codecs and a 3 megapixel AF camera.

Jump over for a detailed read, really thought provoking!

Something I would like to see is Nokia continue to insist on its policy of making phones capable of one handed operation. In essence for me the upcoming touch UI shouldn’t be the Nokia eqivalent of the iPhone with a few pumped up specs. I however do not see the new Nokia Touch device coming with a keyboard since they are also developing Haptic feedback for touchscreens which will allows us to actually feel the sensation of touching the screen.

Next on my list would be Nokia starting to have Global warranty instead of the current setup and also improve customer care centers across the planet. (More on this later)

Make the N91 audio quality the standard for at least all N9x devices in addition to whatever music devices they ship. This is important for a lot of us. The N95/N82 quality is good but for a flagship devices there has to be that little more.

Lastly, listening to consumer feedback is something they do well and benefit from, keep doing that! Its one advance you enjoy over any other company.

 With N-Gage and Ovi coming soon, rumours of iPhone2, Nokia touch device and what not it is going to be an interesting year ahead, one that could separate the men from the boys! What do you want to see happening?


One thought on “What Would You Like Nokia To Do?”

  1. I would like to add something: Nokia should not decrease the price of its phones till 6 months of release or if it does so than it should refund that amount which is decreased. (Apple gave refund of 100$ when it decreased price of iphone)

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