N90 Marries The N95 – New Nseries Slider!

New Nseries Slider? 

Generally with the Nseries range of phones we are always waiting for a device which is on its way well in advance. However after the N82 coming out there is nothing to look forward to but speculation and here is some music to our ears.

Unwired View has dug up a patent application on the USPTO site that  reveals a 6/8 Megapixel NSeries slider phone which looks like a cross between the N90 and the N95. This device in addition to a rotateable cameraon the top, also has a retractable flash assembly, which allows to hide/expose the phone flash within the body of the device.

If you look at enlarged shots of the figures in the patent application, it looks like there’s a label saying 6 megapixel on the phone, it could be 8 too but I think its 6.

What is also worth noticing is that contrary to the other Nokia patent applications, the pictures in this one are not rough schematics, but include a rather detailed drawing of the phone itself! So is such a device on its way and already a proto in the Nokia labs? Can we have something announced, or at least leaked, pretty soon?!

I can’t wait for the next Nseries leak! But something tells me that this will not be a N9x device. The next N9x is suppossed to be a S60 Touch device and this certainly doesn’t seem to be one! If it is I’ll be really glad on two counts. One that it is a slider and two that it will feature a keypad too as I simply hate an all touch device!

Via: Symbian Made Simple

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7 thoughts on “N90 Marries The N95 – New Nseries Slider!”

  1. I’m hoping for this phone to come out 🙂

    I love it

    There better be a ultra high res screen inside with TOUCH s60v4 style.

    Gotta go, have to wipe the drool off the floor 😛

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