New N95 Firmware Thoughts

Nokia N95 v20 

The new firmware has received rave reviews all over the internet and it clearly deserves it! I’ve also taken the plunge and upgraded although it meant playing with my product code. Nokia please in the future release the firmware for all product codes simultaneously, at least the generic ones!

In this post I will attempt to compare the new firmware to my earlier N95 Future Firmware Requirements post. What is great to see is that almost all essentials have been incorporated and some bonuses too. Here’s a rundown:

– The first must was the removal to the keypress bug and its gone!

– The second was modification of the multimedia menu and that it shouldn’t launch everytime the slide is pushed to reveal the music keys. The second part is done while the menu has stayed the same. So its okay as the now at least the menu is not pushed on the users!

– The third must was launching the music player with a long press of the multimedia key like it was in the original firmware and this is done too!

– Next on the list was the volume of the radio loudspeaker. It seems to have been improved a little but is still way too feeble! Why keep it like that?

– In what is probably the most important addition demand paging is in too! 30 MB free RAM is good.

– The camera speed has been increased too, really awesome job! Well done Nokia!

– The web browser however, still doesn’t support downloading .rar and other non supported files and those horrible ‘Download’ folders in the bookmarks menu also cannot be deleted!

Now for the Bonuses

– Search is integrated into the standby menu, however it can be made to launch faster.

– N-Gage support is added, however no next gen flash support in the browser.

Battery backup while handling multimedia has also increased!

– The FM also seems to have improved I’m getting better stereo reception as oppossed to the mono + stereo mix earlier.

All in all a great update while gave me a change to format the memory card and phone and get a fresh clean start. I myself was amazed to find that I had 52 third applications installed and also that 35 out of them were freewares! In my upcoming posts I’ll try and give you a round up of all those!



And yes, like most firmwares this one has a bug too, although a very minor one! When plugged in the Media Player USB mode it shows up as the N95 8GB in Windows Media Player! We can always change it to N95 though. I just wish the multimedia menu had got the copy/paste treatment too! 😉

UPDATE: The browser seems to crash a little more and curiously not while opening webpages but when in the Bookmarks section! I may open heavy webpages with ease but say, when I go to my bookmarks to go to another page, I get a crash. Has anyone else experienced this?

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11 thoughts on “New N95 Firmware Thoughts”

  1. I have seen many posts in discussion threads of for the new firmware.
    And there are some people complaining about
    1. The music player volume and control has become buggy.
    2. When you attach your headset the adapter control(fwd,rev, Play, pause, vol) doesn’t seems to behave nicely as it was before.
    3. When attaching the TV out adapter there is problem.
    4. Some issues with visual radio.

    Hey vaibhav can you make a test on some of the already present apps in the Mobile which the users use a lot and come up with a post where the users can go wrong or have gone wrong to see a malfunction in their mobile after an update.
    This will help many users like us globally.

    Waiting for your reply and test results (add images for proof).

  2. Hi.. Gaurav i’m glad to say i’m not having any of those problems on my phone. So it’ll be diff for me to make a post about it. However from what I know the Rotate Me application and even Fexplorer are causing the USB cable to not work properly for some people and uninstalling those apps has worked for them.
    In case anyone is facing such a problem I’d recommend backing up the phone and doing a hard format and then checking to see if these issues exist without restoring the backup. This will most probably help sort out the issues!

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