User N95 v20.0.015 Firmware Changelog!

Update: Leaked ‘official’ changelog is here.

Frank Mehta from over at the Symbian-Freak Forums has posted this amazingly detailed changelog as he sees it on the N95 after updating.

The major additions apart from the ones listed here are:

– Video Ringtones!

– Faster Gallery

– Much Faster Bootup Time

However, one bone of contention seems to be the camera. The speed has increased but the quality gone down?! Today being my Birthday this was the best present from Nokia but the camera part scares me! Sahil Mohanty from the N95 Community on Orkut also has similar thoughts about the camera quality taking a hit! Log below:

Here’s the Log:

1. New icon structure with addition of the N-Gage application and one free demo of fifa which can be played 10 times.
2. Search app has its own place in the active standby
3. Phone is much faster to operate and the real difference is seen in the boot time!(see it to believe it!)
4. Multimedia menu still the same but does not pop up on opening the slider in the opposite direction.
5. Free memory between 22-30 mb during normal usage.
6. Camera has NEW auto focus sound
7. Viewfinder grid added in the camera menu
8. VIDEO ringtones. Native support for video ringtones finally added.
9. Radio has a new icon.
10. Music player has a new icon for podcasts, alongwith a new Visualization called Circles, and also new buttons on the Screen for the audio controls.
11. Gallery opens really quick and (i think) it has a new animation in flipping pictures.
12. New real player.
13. Same old flash lite 2.0, no youtube support.
14. Maps app revised but not gone out on the road to see how soon it locks.
15. Browser has slight changes.
16. Keypress bug GONE!
17. No out of memory messages yet.
18. Wi Fi somewhat cleverer in detecting connections around!
19. New menu added in videos, SET AS TONE 
20. Fast switching between landscape and portrait mode.
21. DRASTIC decline in picture quality. I feel so.. Please report on it!
22. Using the VGA Video calling camera, the camera sound (2) does not play properly (sorry for listing the stupidest of things, but these come to mind)
23. Faster opening of Music Player.
24. Showing of Videos in the ringtones to choose for profiles, and the video playback on receiving the call is GOOD and quick but does not play in fullscreen in landscape mode.
25. New version of quickoffice.
26. Same old barcode reader and zip applications.
27. New icon for Radio and segregation of similar items in the Media Folder.
28. Addition of Utilities folder.
29. Better handling of calls, and no TALKBACK(echo) heard in speaker, as heard before, sometimes.

Now for some of my thoughts:

If you have updated and restored a previous backup and got the old menu icons back then just install this file to get the new menu back! 

The new firmware is also available for these Indian Product Codes:

0548299: India Apac 2
0548298: India Apac 2 
Apparently YouTube support was pulled off last minute by Nokia. Now Steve is hinting at something big:

“Nope, YouTube playing is as before. But watch this space – this time next week you’ll have seen S60 smartphones able to access any clip on YouTube… You mark my words!”

My focus is on ‘S60 smartphones’ so this will be something across all phones not just the N95. Can’t wait! Just wish he said something more! Was this why the new firmware was stripped?? And can someone please comment on the camera quality?

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31 thoughts on “User N95 v20.0.015 Firmware Changelog!”

  1. Nokia REMOVED the START TRACKING feature from Nokia Maps.

    Also, the CALL LOG BUG is STILL there where the call log shows every call as a mobile icon.

    Thanks for the worthless update Nokia! And thanks for removing the TRACKING feature in Nokia Maps!

  2. Tracking is a loss which i’m more than willing to bear for all the v20 goodness!
    But I don’t see why Nokia isn’t fixing the call log bug which has been there since the first firmware!!!

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  4. Everything seemed great after update, “BUT” then took a picture very poor after taking a pic before if set to show would process then change now it processes & dosnt change, can any one get back to me on this so as to no its not just me best to test it where you need to use the flash,


  5. Gaurav, he means that usually the picture contrast and quality would increae a few seconds after taking it and it was visibly better. i haven;t upgraded yet and surely will not if the camera is even a little bit worse

  6. I don’t think the camera quality has decreased! Earlier after processing we used to get a nice and clear pic from a somewhat blurred one. Now after clicking a snap the screen blanks out and we get a nice clean shot directly. While it may seem as if quality has gone down it hasn’t. For the first time it does seen like that but once you send it to the pc it clears all doubts! 🙂

  7. Thanx for that Vaibhav & Jamal, of course after i thought the quality had gone down, after looking into the new firmware specs it was mentioned there too heres a link

    Check paragraph 21

    But it most probably was because i was testing it in lower lighting conditions more tests should solve this & more feedback here to for people who have v20 firmware
    as im still not convinced yet, fingers crossed

  8. hi all! i have nokia n95 (RM-19) and i can`t update him…it says that is already up o date (12.0.013)..i am in spain..plsss help me..what can i do

  9. What this means is that the firmware for your product code is not yet out. The option you have is to change your product code via NSS and then upgrade via the Nokia Software Updater. But this will potentially void your warranty! The choice is yours!

  10. I can’t believe that they have not increased the volume on the Music Player. The volume is sow low even at full volume that its as good as pointless having a music player. Yet volume for all other applications can be very loud if you wish. Why have Nokia not resolved this major issue?

  11. Apparently v20 of the firmware has also removed the ability to create MMS compatible video files from the video editor, see

  12. With V20 you cant use ‘Video Editor’ to take a higher quality video you have recorded and turn them into MMS compatible 3gp video files. In the older software versions in Video Editor-Settings-Resolution there would an an ‘MMS’ option. Its gone! Not Cool Nokia! Why would they conceivably remove this feature?

    I used to record video at the Higher quality so they would look good on a computer/tv screen and then use ‘video editor’ to cut them into short little 3gp files to send as messages as well. No more.

  13. hey i downloaded and ur new menu structe file and i installed in on my phone but there was still no change
    any suggestions?

  14. Hi guys, I think we shouldn’t take the loss of tracking feature
    that easy since for some people like me was a main reason to buy the phone and the feature belongs to us since is payed.And some moment is very useful for everybody.
    Nokia didn’t say anything like it is limited promotional or other
    bullshit before. I had it for 9 months until I updated and those who didn’t update have it.Why used the update for cheap trick to make us buy navigation? I don’t accept it and will do everything
    for my rights.
    If somebody has solution happy to know.
    thanks and please react for this no fair rip off.we bought the feature.

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