New Firmware For The N95 Classic – v20.0.015

v20 Is Here! v20 Is Here!

Update: User Changelog here.

Finally! The latest and perhaps most awaited firmware for the N95 is here, as a result of which it has hit v20.0.015. The firmware as usual brings us some bug fixes and improvements, but this time the improvement is huge! It includes demand paging, 30MB plus free RAM after booting, speedier operation, N-Gage support, faster camera software, integrated Search, modified Welcome apps and then some more and yes, the keypress bug is gone. Below is somewhat of a changelog.

The Welcome Additions:

– The Keypress bug fixed!

– The new camera software resulting in a much faster shooting time.

– A changed Welcome application

– New My Nokia SMS tips and mobile web portal system

Demand paging resulting in 30 plus MB free RAM after booting!!

– Search 4.0 integration on the standby screen is here too.

– The N-Gage application which includes Asphalt & FIFA game previews

– Nokia Music Store client (Useful only for the those in UK so far)

The Key Misses:

– No auto-screen rotation N82 style.

– The old multimedia menu is still there

– No Youtube in the Browser.

– The Call Log Display bug remains!!

Here’s the official Nokia announcement:

 “This software version includes battery, stability & performance improvements enabling you to run faster and longer – giving you up to three more hours of music (up to 30% increase, from 9h to 12h of music playback). This release also includes a new version of Nokia Maps which provides faster positioning, faster Map Loader, and free 3-day navigation. Free N-Gage demo games are included and other games are available via Download! With the Nokia Music Store now live in the United Kingdom, users can enjoy the convenience of instant over-the-air downloads, regardless of where they are.”

So may be we can hope for some battery life improvement too! The Nokia Maps update had been made available earlier so thats not really inviting in itself but the N-Gage demos are quite another thing! This firmware will definately make the N95 a better phone and updating your existing phones is an absolute must.


Yet again, the firmware is available only a few product codes so far, it is available for 0536062 (Euro 1 Plum) as far as I know. I can confirm it is not available for Indian Product Codes! People with operator branded firmware should be ready to wait for ages, for others the firmware usually comes out within 4 weeks.

I personally am tempted to change my product code and go for the update may be even at the cost of my warranty! The RAM is almost irresistable and the prospect of a faster cam is also encouraging.

Do make sure you do a full backup before flashing via NSU and it is best to re-install applications and only restore contacts, calender, notes and bookmarks.

For Screenshots look at this AAS post.

 P.S. – Now this is annoying, what  can’t Nokia release the firmware for all product codes at once. I’m desperate to update but can’t because I don’t have a Euro product code.

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28 thoughts on “New Firmware For The N95 Classic – v20.0.015”

  1. Nokia REMOVED the START TRACKING feature from Nokia Maps.

    Also, the CALL LOG BUG is STILL there where the call log shows every call as a mobile icon.

    Thanks for the worthless update Nokia! And thanks for removing the TRACKING feature in Nokia Maps!

  2. Gr8 news!!
    Update is available on ym product code:

    0534839 Vietnam – N95 Plum

    I’m in proccess of downloading update..
    I’ cant wait to see new improvements 😀

  3. Pingback:
  4. CAMERA!!! Everything seemed great after update, “BUT” then took a picture very poor after taking a pic, before if set to show would process then change now it processes & dosnt change, can any one get back to me on this so as to no its not just me best to test it where you need to use the flash

    Regards T

  5. hi all! i have nokia n95 (RM-19) and i can`t update him…it says that is already up o date (12.0.013)..i am in spain..plsss help me..what can i do

  6. More tweaks needed:

    # Allow user to copy text from a web page
    # Allow user to disable CSS
    # Allow user to view the HTML source of a web page
    # Parse microformats (not least hCard, to add contact details to the address book and dial phone numbers; hCalendar, to add events to the calendar; and Geo, to find places on maps) – see
    # Geo-tag (using EXIF) images, when the GPS is on
    # Allow raw, or at least much higher-resolution, images to be saved.
    # Allow screen-timeout to be set within profiles (so I can have a “connected to power supply” profile, for in-car use)

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