The Perfect Pair

N800 & N95

I’ve had the N95 and the N800 with me for weeks now and there is almost nothing the two can’t do in tandem. In all likelihood no one will own an internet tablet in isolation and most likely will have a smartphone at hand. If that smartphone turns out to be an N95 we have the perfect match. Here’s why:


The N800 unlike the N810 lacks a built in GPS but that’s something the N95 already has so it ceases to be an issue. However it’s a pity that we so far cannot use the N95’s inbuilt GPS on the N800’s screen.

N800 & N95


The N95 is capable of HSDPA speeds and when used as a Bluetooth modem on the N800, surfing will have a new dimension. The N95 on its own isn’t too good with flash and can’t play youtube. However with the N800 that also is taken care of. I couldn’t check my local movie listings on my nearby multiplex’s website because the N95 couldn’t manage the heavy flash, for the N800 it was a breeze.

N800 & N95


The N800 can stream music from a Bluetooth smartphone and since the N95 is Bluetooth 2 EDR compatible streaming from it onto the N800 is also a pleasure. The higher Bluetooth speed compatibility also helps while looking at pictures stored on the N95 but on the N800’s screen.

N800 & N95


The N800 only has a webcam which in today’s time is worthless except as a webcam! The picture quality as a camera after the add-on camera application is nothing to talk about. Nor can it do video. The N95 on the other hand has a beautiful 5 megapixel shooter with VGA video recording. What the N800 does have is large storage (Current max. 32GB, Absolute max. 64 GB) with two memory card slots and can easily serve as a dump for the N95.

N800 & N95


The N95 isn’t good in this department however the N800 is. What can be done is keep the N95 for GSM calls and do all internet calls via the tablet which has built in Skype. The music playing, internet radio and video can also be left to the tablet which also supports decent loudspeakers.

N800 & N95

Text Entry

The N800 since it is a touch based device isn’t very good at text input, while I can get reasonably fast speeds while typing on the N95’s keypad with T9. So here’s what I do, type in the N95 notepad and then send the file across to the N800 which can copy and paste well. After a bit of formatting in the webpage itself I am good to go. Therefore to a certain extent this limitation of the device is overcome.



Well the only new features that the new tablet is bringing are a physical QWERTY keyboard and inbuilt GPS apart from OS 2008 which will also be available for the N800. The GPS addition doesn’t really matter if you have a N95. The only difference left is the keyboard. If it is heavy texts and email that you are looking for then the upgrade will be enticing, else for casual text the N95 can act as a ‘reasonable Bluetooth text entry device’!

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