Future N95 Firmware Requirements

 N95 v12 Firmware!

It has been a while since the N95 has seen a firmware upgrade and I’m anxious to see what will be in store. But here are some issues which IMO Nokia must address and some which will be a bonus if done.


– The keypress bug needs to go, enough is enough. Even now I’m writing on the device and even Quickoffice is a pain to use because of this.

– The multi media menu must be made faster or upgraded to the one present in the N95 8GB.

– In the stand by screen when the second slide is opened i.e. the media buttons the multimedia menu shouldn’t launch automatically or at least give us the option to disable it. Why I am so against the menu is that it is RAM hogging to the core and quite simply the N95 classic cannot afford such applications.

– A single long press of the multimedia key much bring up the media player like it was in the original firmware. The current way requiring a double press is too slow, painful and unreliable. I can’t get it to work on all occassions.

– The volume of the loudspeaker in the Radio much be increased. Currently its almost inaudible at full volume. When most low end phones too work well in this department, why does the flagship suffer?

– Keeping in mind the RAM situation can we have demand paging a.k.a. the N95 8GB please?

– The camera needs to be made faster. Its one major reason for the N95’s phenomenol success so at least make that worthwhile for everyone. Even if it means reserving certain resources for it, but please get this sorted out.

Update: The ability to download files from the web browser even if they are not supported by the phone. e.g. We cannot download .rar files while with 3rd party applications we can open them on the phone itself. Secondly let us delete those ‘Download Apps’, ‘Download Sounds’ etc folders from the bookmarks. For some strange reason the 5 of those folders just cannot be delete and I see absolutely no utility having them!

These I think are the core issues that still need to be looked into after over 6 months of the device’s release. Anything more will be welcome. Here’s a list of non essentials which would certainly be very welcome.


– The search integrated into the standby screen like in the newer Nseries phones.

– The new multimedia menu.

– The rotate feature that’s built into the N82 firmware. After all the N95 was the first Nseries phone to have the accelrometer, therefore it deserves it!

– An upgrad to the Flash on the phone and general browser performance. Mine crashes a lot while dealing with RSS feeds.

– RAM optimizations and general tweaks as always.

– Flash being available while shooting a video.

– The Ngage application with a demo thrown in!

Since it has been a long time coming I am hoping it will be a major upgrade and make us love our devices and Nokia as a company ever more. I’ll be glad if all or at least a substantial part of the points in the above post are met. Is there something I missed out?

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29 thoughts on “Future N95 Firmware Requirements”

  1. Great list plus PLEASE fix that phone icon in the log, it’s getting annoying. I dont know whether my friend called from his home or the mobile unless I take some extra steps.

  2. If we also have an application or any update by which we can utilize the front camera will also make N95 users more happy. As the front camera is the only hardware in N95 which is major not used.

  3. Firmware 12.0.014 fixes the keypress bug. You can get it by changing to an Asian product code.

    And Gaurav: You can use the front camera by choosing “Use Secondary Camera” in the camera menu. This is in the manual! 🙂

  4. Spot on! Nokia: How dare you to leave us for MONTH with this friggin key-press bug?!?? I can’t even sell this device now with a clear conscience because of this! who wants to buy a phone with such an incerdible bug in the first place??
    FIX IT ALREADY!!!!! (and I mean for all product codes!)

  5. Erm, the multimedia key longpress thingy goes together with the general keypress bug, imo.

    What I’d add is a compiled-into-one display of the search plugin in the application manager, it is quite annoying honestly that it has as many entries as plugins.

    PLUS, they should make the damn integrated applications upgradeable – really, it’s the biggest pain in the butt that applications like Flash and Lifeblog and whatnot get updates from time to time which can’t be applied cuz of those being integrated into the firmware. Duh! T_T

    Oh, and the Conversation extension should be implied as well, that’s one neat addon. :]

    Last but not least – MAKE THE DAMN LIVE MESSENGER AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE please, it’s been out for ages – for what, like a handful of countries. Why, is totally beyond me.

  6. Mine has a bug with the TV-out.

    It doesn’t connect to widescreen TVs correctly. Instead of stretching the picture to fill the screen, it shrinks it!

  7. I want to be able to REMAP or DISABLE buttons temporarily when playing games! The N95 has the power to play graphic-intensive action games, but the button layout prohibits it–it’s far too easy to press nearby buttons and launch e.g. the multimedia menu.

    So what I really want is for Nokia to add the option to temporarily disable or remap non-necessary buttons when a game is active. With proper warnings and restrictions, I think it could be implemented in way that doesn’t compromise normal phone functionality while finally letting N95 owners play games without interruption.

    Also, YES to the slow camera suggestion! The camera is so slow that I consider it only about half-functional. I can’t count the number of times I’ve missed a shot because of the slow start-up and slow processing between shots. It’s unacceptable.

    Thanks for making this list, Vaibhav.

  8. N95 needs to be upgraded to enable full Bluetooth car kits functionality (calls list trnasfer addredd book trasfer). The first idea was that it is limitation of Symbia but SE solved that problem so it is Nokia that has to do the same to its Symbian phones

  9. Here’s a prediction.

    There will be NO FURTHER UPDATES for the old N95. Look how Nokia abandoned the N93 once the i version came out. What a travesty and it’s sent me into the arms of Sony. I spend $800 on an N93 and I got only one FW upgrade and then it’s, sorry, but an N93i.

  10. Delian, you can download the Nokia 810 software for a kludgy solution to the car kit issue. It’s a little annoying to have to keep it running all the time, but it does synchronize an N95 contact list to a car kit.

    I predict there will be one more firmware upgrade to the N95, and it will be to add N-Gage support. Whether it fixes the keypress bug, adds demand paging, or speeds up the camera remains to be seen.

  11. N95 has got amazing graphics and sound. The only thing prohibitive is the keys.. In landscape mode it’s urgent that we may use the multimedia keys !!!! Please without it, it’s impossible to play!!

  12. It has been months since we hope for an update for N95.
    While Nokia marketed its N95 8Go, he(it) laughs at owners of the N95!
    Thank you Nokia!!!
    Those who bought N95 still exist and they are many!

  13. One more thing which needs to be fixed is the lag when you press the left or right keys to switch between text-messages. It feels like it’s going back into the inbox and only then showing the next text-message.. In Nokia’s Conversation app, this has been fixed already, so it’s possible =)

  14. A new fimrware is definately in the works. Nokia still has to add Ngage support on the handset so its only a matter of time. Demand paging, more free ram, search intergration etc seem to have been integrated too. Can’t wait for it!

  15. More tweaks needed:

    # Allow user to copy text from a web page
    # Allow user to disable CSS
    # Allow user to view the HTML source of a web page
    # Parse microformats (not least hCard, to add contact details to the address book and dial phone numbers; hCalendar, to add events to the calendar; and Geo, to find places on maps) – see http://microformats.org/wiki/
    # Geo-tag (using EXIF) iamges, when the GPS is on
    # Allow raw, or at least much higher-resolution, images to be saved.
    # Allow screen-timeout to be set within profiles (so I can have a “connected to power supply” profile, for in-car use)

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