Google’s Android Coming!

 The Pic Doesn't Represent The Actual Phone/OS

Well this has nothing to do with Symbian directly but is far too important to miss. According to a post over at C|Net google is going to announce a new platform, a new mobile operating system that runs on Linux and is called Android! Such an announcement has been expected for long and now we have just one more day to go. On Monday Google is expected to reveal details on the mythical Gphone.

Google is calling the venture an “Open Handset Alliance” and it includes partners like  KDDI and NTT DoCoMo and 30 others including Qualcomm, Broadcom, HTC, Intel, Samsung, Motorola, Sprint, and Texas Instruments.. The platform will supposedly be open source falling under the Apache License, Version 2.0. The flavor of Linux that Android will be built on top of looks to be that from Wind River.

However the post also adds: 

“Don’t expect to see a Google phone, or Gphone, on store shelves anytime soon. And in such a large project with so many different players, plans and some details could still change over the weekend. It’s unclear when the final version will be released. Google has repeatedly declined to talk about the Gphone or confirm the Monday event.”

The Gphone for long has been touted as the next big thing after the iPhone and how it will revolutionise the way we see phones. I hope it will make cutting edge technology affordable. The OS is expected to be much cheaper than a WinMo or a Symbian licence thus bringing down the cost of the handset and a little more with advertising based solutions. How this will work out no one knows. What do you think?

Via – Intomobile.

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2 thoughts on “Google’s Android Coming!”

  1. The phone will have all ‘Google’ related products and features.
    But it wont be helpful for all as many users still rely on different products.
    Google will add advt. which will be nice at first go for reducing cost but on everyday usage users will get fed up of those advt. and might want to change the thing.
    Still we dont know what is there and not so its still a silence among all.

    But we all should be dam sure that what is going to come is going to be a hit.!

  2. It is really smart to be also present on OS for mobile devices.

    But I’m convinced we should discover a Gphone by the End of the Summer 2008.
    Google can’t miss this rendez-vous !

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