Astronomy With The N95!

Almost everyday we have people putting the N95 to various uses, Ricky Cadden a.k.a. SymbianGuru’s N95 on a Kite or James of Nokia Creative’s under water filming.

Gaurav Rathod, a member of the Nokia N95 Community on Orkut, a social networking website and a member of Khagol Vishwa, an amatuer astronomy organisation has posted two amazing pictures from his 9″ telescope mounted N95.

Update: also has the pictures up.

The first one is of the planet Saturn:


(Click to Enlarge)

Second is the Comet 17PHolmes:

Comet 17PHolmes

(Click to Enlarge)

This is taking photography to new heights, great work is all I can say. What do you people think? Any other ‘different’ use of the N95’s camera you came across?

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One thought on “Astronomy With The N95!”

  1. Hey thanks for putting this globally.
    I am dam sure that each one using N95 would have taken the photographs to some new height.
    And we will see this topic flooded with many photographs in coming days.
    Three cheers! of Nokia N95 🙂

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