Google Maps Goes Symbian – Supports GPS!

Google Maps 

This is huge! Our favourite Google Maps appliacation is now a native coded Symbian OS 9 client! This results in a much better overall performance, optimum RAM usage, faster loading and the greatest add on being support for internal and external GPS!

Being able to jump to an aerial view, in exquisite detail, of your current location, more or less anywhere in the world, without lifting a finger or giving the software any manual help, as Rafe and Steve put it is MAGICAL. You get lost, you open your N95 (or E90 or 6110, etc) and you’re almost instantly shown where you are and, after a couple more keypresses, given explicit directions to get home, overlaid on a traditional street map or the respected Google Maps satellite view.

Another cool feature according to Symbian Guru is the ability to save a search result directly to the Contacts application; it automatically fills in all the address fields correctly.

Google Maps does not quite match the feature set of the fully subscribed Nokia Maps (no auto-advancing, voice guided, turn by turn instructions, for example)  it is ideal for those looking for a simple to use mapping program with GPS support. Another drawback is the lack of the ability to store maps for data free usage. However it is certainly one step up from the also-free Yahoo Go 2.0, which runs under RAM-hungry Java and doesn’t have the same integration with the S60 applications.

Viipottaja from the comment section of the AAS post has brought out some shortcomings as compared to the Java variant:

1) No possibility to “select point on the map” as starting/ending point; always have to enter an address manually.
2) No possibility to just “find location”; always have to look for directions (at least I could not find just an option to just look for a spot).
3) No possibility to save a location/search as a “favorite”.

As far as storing the maps is concerned, I hope a solution such as this also can be worked out for the counterpart of the java application.

For a detailed look at the new application, screenshots and more look up this AAS Prespective.

Download Maps at on your mobile web browser!

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3 thoughts on “Google Maps Goes Symbian – Supports GPS!”

  1. I think this is a late response. Anyway…
    The mobile Symbian Google Maps looks great! Now has GPS support to see where you are in the world.
    Is there a way to view Google Maps offline in a Symbian phone? Download maps on your PC, copy them to your phone, view them offline in some applicaion? This will be awesome.

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