The All In One Torch!

I, for one, find a torch to be a very convenient utility as many a time you find yourself groping for the light switch while in a dark room, searching for your keys on the bedside table or even trying to read the menu in a dark restaurant. The possibilities are endless! TM from The Series 60 Weblog has developed this wonderful freeware for our S60 v3 phones! It is comprises of both a screen light and a LED strobe light.

All In One Torch!

The ScreenTorch utility works by displaying a white background in fullscreen mode whilst leaving the backlight on. You can use it as a torch or simply to keep the screen bright and well-lit even if you are not pressing any buttons. It can easily be turned off anytime by pressing the Right Softkey.

The second part of the application StrobeLight Pro functions by producing regular flashes of light. While it isn’t like your regular LED flashlight, it still is, in my opinion, quite a useful feature to have on your phone, plus the lighting effects are very interesting too.

Key features:

– An Actual First-of-its-kind Strobe Light

– High Intensity LED Illumination

– Current Status Notification (via pop-up interface)

– Instantaneous Launch

– One-Tap Exit (via right softkey)

– Compatibility with MOST S60 3rd Edition Devices (N73, N80, N95 and more)

For a quick startup, the author recommends keeping Python in the list of Active Standby apps available on your device for quick retrieval. In order to do that, go to Tools > Settings > Phone > Standby Mode > Active Standby Apps from the Menu and make the necessary changes! Head over to the post for screenshots and more.

Installation Notes:

Note that you need to have Python installed on your phone first. In case you’re not familiar with that, follow the steps given below in the order listed:

– Install the Python for S60 interpreter application (PythonForS60_1_4_0_3rdEd.sis) on your phone.

– Install the script shell (PythonScriptShell_1_4_0_3rdEd.sis).

– Install the Miso Module for Python (miso-1.92-s60_3rd_self.sisx).

– Send any of the included python scripts (*.py) to e:\Python.

– Next, run Python from the Menu and select the script you want to run.

Download Links:

For the N95, N73, N76, N81, N75 etc.

For the N80.

P.S. – Please use this script entirely at your own risk. While LEDs have a remarkable service life, they do tend to get hot and adequate heat-sinking is essential. So remember not to close the camera lens cover immediately after extended use!

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14 thoughts on “The All In One Torch!”

  1. ok it installed python, not that i can find where?

    and as for send file to e:\python…how?
    i can’t find where to dump the file so python will find it, all the file already in py’s say there on c:

    any help would be great thankyou

  2. After u’ve installed python, u’ll find it in Applications. Send the script over to the memory card via the mass storage profile. Now run the application and select the script! Hope this helps.. Else get back here! 🙂

  3. i had sent the script that i found in the zip files??? to the memory card but when i go to the script aplicattion is not there,y only found snake,cubs and others but the torch script no…plase help me with this…i need o good torch for my N95

  4. Mate, Did you make a folder called ‘Python’ in the E: and put the script in it? This should make the application find the torch script.

    Sandeep, Nope I’m afraid Python is like that but its a do it once kinda thing. For python scripts you use later it’ll be a very simple job of just sending them over!

  5. dear vaibhav,

    i installed all three file but unfortunalty i really dont understand how to activate the flash torch…

    plz help and plz tell me one by one bcoz i really dont understand how script run and write…

  6. Hi vibhav,

    thanks to reply.
    well; i done the thing and its working now but unforunatly i thought that Flash Lite will be continue but its just blinking. is there any idea how to make it longer and continue like real torch?

  7. Install the Miso Module for Python (miso-1.92-s60_3rd_self.sisx).when i try to istalll this it says certificate expired…….please help me out

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