Live N81 And N95 8GB Pics!

The Nokia N95 8GB – Up, Close & Personal!



More Pictures of both phones right here:

N95 8GB

N95 8GB

N95 8GB

Nokia N81





Two new S40 Devices 5610-5310 Part of the Xpress Music Lineup will be announced too! While the 5700 will get a facelift.

S40 Device

S40 Xpress Music Devive

From the look of things, both the N81 and the N95 8GB will share the new multimedia menu and support the new Ngage Platform!

Do you like the phones?


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17 thoughts on “Live N81 And N95 8GB Pics!”

  1. I lke the N95 8 GB personally although I won’t get it (no lens cover). The N81 is too roundish and techno for my taste.

  2. Waoh waoh I realy like the both new devices! Sexier then N81 is not out there,and with all new spec and music&games aplications. It only can be a hit Im going to get both N95&N81..)

  3. Mary, very true.. I really like the N81 but the 2MP camera kinda puts me off.

    Ray, it’ll be about two months for it to be available! So holding off that sale might be a good idea! However u’ll get a better price now! 😉

  4. I just noticed something… where’s the pen key on the N81? I hope its not inside the slider. I use it a lot for manipulating images and other things.

  5. yeap. this phones are nice. I was playing with them on wednesday at the Nokia Insider S60 night in KL. It was cool. Tho I prefer the n82 that had a very fast camera

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