Nokia N95 – 8GB Becomes Official!

Nokia N95 - 8GB

Another FCC posting had led to the N95 8GB becoming official! There are a few design tweaks with the screen possibly becoming larger. The multi-media keys have become a little elevated. The microSD card slot has most likely given way to 8GB of internal flash storage. The camera’s shutter has been reworked to allow space for a 1200 mAh battery and there will no longer be a protective cover for the camera.


The UI also has been given a little tweak specially the menu launched by the multi media key. I personally am not very pleased with the new look of the phone. The black looks a little cheap and the smaller keys a little odd!

For more info i suggest looking these pages up:

1. All About Symbian

2. WirelessInfo

3. Symbian Freak

4. The Symbian Blog

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5 thoughts on “Nokia N95 – 8GB Becomes Official!”

  1. I simply love the multimedia menu, It looks light on the processing and heavy on information. I wish Nokia releases it in the next firmware upgrade for us. Along with the fix for the missed key presses bug that is 🙂

  2. That would be nice. Seriously!

    Nokia has released firmware for the APAC region, presumably fixing some minor issues. I tried the software updater, wasn’t available for me.

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