The Shutter Sound Is Mute!


Finally! I’m glad to say now we can finally turn the flash and the sound completely off while taking a picture from our S60 3rd edition phones. Chua Welic has released a freeware which will allow us to do exactly that!  

cCam (pronounced “see-cam”) is a camera capture program that runs on S60 phones, allows us to click pictures with no shutter sound and no flash light! It saves the captured images to default memory card image directory.

It also features an option to set the focus range and a link to take us to the gallery.

DOWNLOAD! Version – 1.01

Note: While testing on the Nokia N95 i’m glad to say there was no sound, however the red led does light up for a micro second!

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5 thoughts on “The Shutter Sound Is Mute!”

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  2. Does anyone know of any way to make the phone start cCam instead of the built-in camera software when you open the lens cover?

  3. getting rid of the shutter noise in Nokia S60 based phones is EXTREMELY SIMPLE!!!! i just did it with my n82 and n95 and it’s sucessful. all you have to do is, change the ‘product code’ of the phone to european (i.e. EURO-1), once you have done this, restart your phone and update the ‘firmware’. If it tells you that you already have the updated version, REINSTALL IT. The firmware will reinstall as the european firmware and you will have the ability to get rid of that shutter noise. Once you’ve done this, put the phone in ‘silence’ mode/profile, that there will be NO MORE SHUTTER NOISE!

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