The N95 – Getting Things Into Perspective!

The N95 Black! 

Even after months of the N95’s release the hype surrounding the ‘multimedia computer’ refuses to die down… Well how could it, with Nokia working so hard to keep it that way!

Symbian Guru and Darla Mack both have the scoop on an upcoming US 3G N95 which scores well above its Euro/Asian brother, the original N95. With a 1200 mAh battery, redesigned multimedia keys and a whopping 128MB of RAM the N95-2 is sure to cause heart break to all existing N95 owners.

Now the question is why would Nokia anger the Asian/European community who are the backbone of their international presence? The answer quite clearly is to induce them to buy the N95-8GB, which according to reports will have much better specs:

– 128 MB of RAM!

– VGA Screen (Read Awesome TV-OUT too!)

– A 1200 mAh Battery!

– 8GB Memory! (Hope its not a Hardrive, we’ll have 16-32 GB cards in a year?)

– The Black Housing of course!

With AGPS improving the GPS and the camera already working well all of these additions/modifications will really make the N95 the phone to die for! One question that remains is would this version of the N95 have sound comparable to the N91 or its upcoming sucessor the N81? I would doubt that, but how I wish!

The Americans will have their N95, the rest of the world will have the N95-8GB and everyone will be happy but for the poor people who’ve already bought themselves the N95 as exists is today! However its not as if its coming out within a month. It’ll most likely be the end of Q4 before we see it live, thats some redemption for those of us who bought it on launch. (Nokia please give the existing owners a better battery at least.)

However it won’t just end there. There will be a N9x with WiMax which everyone will drool over. Then will come the N9x with a Built in Projector (That will be huge!) and so on. Technology will continue to grow, our pockets will continue to complain, yet we’ll stretch them to the limit. Nokia will continue to make zillions and all of us will keep waiting for the next big thing!

N95 Photo by Julian0o.

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12 thoughts on “The N95 – Getting Things Into Perspective!”

  1. great post 😉

    i desperately hope that the N95 8 GB will be fact and signs are good, Mobile Review’s Eldar claimed that he had the N95 8GB, N81 and N82 in his Hands .. So Fingers crossed for the N95 8GB! With all this Modifications and Improvements we can really talk about THE Phone then:

    + Poor Battery: Solved!
    + Low RAM Amount: Solved!
    + Low Screen Resolution: Solved!

    The only Thing i hope Nokia will work on as well, is the Slider. This is the only Concern i have so far!

    Keep up the great Work by the Way!
    Nokian Blog

  2. Thanks mate! Can’t agree with you more! If the slider continues to be like it is, the entire excercise will be a waste. The biggest attraction for me is the battery. The RAM i’ve learnt to live with the screen doesnt bother me much but, the battery…
    Nokia has really heard what the users wanted and seems to have a granted their wishes! Kudos Nokia, at least in that regard!

  3. all of us know that Nokia wud never launch a N95-8GB…its a big rumor and a false dream!!! Why to waste our time thinking about fictional things

  4. @Vaibhav Sharma
    And why shouldn’t 8GB already working, atm i have 4GB and 8GB should also be possible so i don’t agree with you on that point

    Nokia just fucked up and didn’t do enough testing before they released and they managed to get it (i doubt that) they release it few months after the current N95.
    There just slapping current owners in there face with this BS
    I surrely hope this is fake

  5. Mate, I myself completely agree with you on that regard. There is no reason for the 8GB cards not to work. I don’t think i ever said it doesn’t!
    It does seem a bit harsh on the existing buyers, however most likely this device will only come out by the end of the year and that’ll be around 9 months after the n95’s release!

  6. I think if companies started to only look at not letting down existing customers then new products would come out after 5 years a pop. Even then the people who bought it a week ago would be crying about it.

    Technology becomes obsolete quite fast. Lets face. I dont care if Nokia launches an N96 with SVGA touchscreen and 256 MB RAM tomorrow. While buying any piece of electronic equipment I get it into my head its old stuff the moment I walk out the door with it.

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