N95 – More Free RAM at Boot Up!

This might seem a little steep but using firmware v12 on the N95 this is what i got immediately after bootup!

N95 Free Ram!

Free Ram – More than 23 MB!! I think that’s a first for the N95!

However, i must admit that i kind of cheated! The above has been achieved on the N95 with the Active standby turned off and NSysInfo as a shortcut on the left softkey.

A more conventional approach with Active Standby on and NSysInfo as the six shortcut in the standby menu i got 21.6 MB free.

Normal Startup

And 21.4 MB with a plain enough theme (with custom icons) running.

With Theme

The free RAM situation for the N95 is bad, however there is hope with firmware updates and as they say every MB counts! Has anyone been able to get more? I have a quite a few 3rd party apps installed so may be some process is depriving me of a few kilo bytes! Anyone??

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7 thoughts on “N95 – More Free RAM at Boot Up!”

  1. Hmm… with a plain theme and matching your last scenario, I only have 19.0MB free after booting. I have nothing obvious that’s auto-starting. This is on a UK SIM-free device. Wierd!

  2. Interesting that, measuring again after 2 minutes, the amount has gone up to 21.0MB – so there are startup processes within the OS that go away once they’ve done their thing…. Still, wouldn’t it be great to have 23MB free for real?


  3. well if im not wrong the free ram out in that snapshot is indicated in bytes and not megabytes…. if has to be calculated its just 21.97mb of free ram according to the first snapshot and according to the second snapshot its 20.60mb of free ram and finally 20.47mb of free ram in the 3rd snapshot…. i feel there’s an improvement but still its not enough for such gem of a device….

  4. 🙂 surething! While i wrote this i was sure someone would point out that 1KB = 1024B and so on.. But i was too damn lazy to do the calculations! Thanks Hiteish for doing them!
    However the purpose of this was to see if the free RAM situation has improved over the firmwares, it seems it has!

    Steve, interesting point about the processes terminating themselves after a while. These shots were taken immediately, i’ll try again..

  5. Now this is interesting! Using a plain red theme without custom icons but with active standby on after 40 seconds of boot up i got 21.2MB free. Then i closed the NSysInfo application and launched it again, this time a got 23.3MB! (This is without calculating according to the 1024 rule)

    However when i switched off the active display rebooted and again waited for 45 seconds i was only getting 21MB or so! Wierd!

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