Bluetooth Mouse On A Smartphone!

I found this really interesting! Teksoftco with their new BlueMouse software will allow users of Windows Mobile(Alas!) to pair their existing Bluetooth Mouse with a WinMo device and use it to mouse away to glory! On a small windows mobile phone screen, i dont’t know how useful will it be?! But the thing that hit me was what if we we had such a software for our very own TV out capable Symbian phones!

Blue Mouse

Now this would be being ‘Truly Wireless’! Instead of the need to sit close to the TV so as to control the phone, we can sit back and relax!

Senario: I own an N95 and a bluetooth keyboard. While going on a vacation, i just throw the Laptop’s bluetooth mouse in and leave. In my hotel room I Setup my BT keyboardand the BT mouse, plug the TV out cable in leave the phone there and go sit on the couch a few meters away. Now, just image what my web browsing experience would be like!! 🙂

Not only web browsing, but if this would be well implemented with Office Editors or even viewers the combo would really rock! The possibilities are endless, even a few games could make do with this functionality. Playing something even as basic as Solitaire would become a breeze! I’m sure there are many more possibilities to this, in case you think of something do drop a line!

Calling all 3rd Party Developers, make this happen!!

 Via: Intomobile

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3 thoughts on “Bluetooth Mouse On A Smartphone!”

  1. theres plenty of wireless keyboard with build in touchpad in the market. Why not try to develope driver for n95. Does nokia bluetooth pen works as mouse pointer for nokia phone too? I don’t think you can connect 2 bluetooth device (keyboard and mouse) at a same time? Oh yes, maybe coz n95 use bluetooth 2.0 which can connect to stereo bluetooth headset.

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