Using The Built In IM Client!

From my first Symbian phone, I’ve always wondered why is the IM application built in if it is of no use! Never have I got it to work, till now!


The question is why do we even need it?

The reason is that I always somehow tend to prefer the built in applications over the 3rd party ones. We have a number of Instant Messaging applications that have been available over the years. The best I’ve ever used was Agile Messenger. Other alternatives are IM+, Fring etc. The problem with Agile and IM+ is that they are paid applications! Fring is free but lacks the yahoo option! Also there are certain difficulties that I faced while using Fring. While using the IM client in it and typing, if I happened to receive an IM from my pal at the other end, what I was typing is gone! Now that sometimes becomes quite a nuisance!

Enter the default client! Its surprising simple to setup and use! It gives us the option to use Yahoo, ICQ, MSN & AIM.


Here’s how:

1. Just hop over to Yamigo and register here.


( Tick the Fetch Contacts Option in case you want your existing want the contacts to be imported in)

2. Login into the Email id used for registration for the Yamingo Username and Password.


3. Now we’r ready to setup the IM client on the phone. Its time to define a server. Once you get the prompt Define  One Now? Choose yes!

Else, Goto Options>Settings>Servers>Options>New Server.

Server Name: TheSymbianBlog (Demo)
Access Point: Whichever you use.
Web Address:

Settings  Code

User ID: thesymbianblog (Demo)         

Password: vh2h2s (Demo)

(Put your details in from the email Yamingo sent!)

4.   N we are done! Just login and rock on!

 Note: This method works on most Nokia phones which have the IM client built in! Certain Sony Erricsson and Motorola phones are also supported. For more look here. Also it doesnt support wifi!

Official Instructions for both Series 60 and Series 40 phones are here.

I have not had much of a chance to test this thing out, i’m looking forward hearing from all of you!

Update: Instead of Famigo, the service from Packetbox can also be used. Via Rafe on AAS. I’ve not used this before though, but from the comments so far it seems that Packetbox is a better option than Famingo!! However PacketBox lacks support for yahoo! Register here for Packetbox.

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30 thoughts on “Using The Built In IM Client!”

  1. I just can’t find the IM-Client on my N93. Is it hidden somewhere in the messaging app?

    I’m currently using a java app called jimm which an icq only app but is very nicely configurable and free.

  2. Thats quite strange. The client is generally embedded in the ROM of the phone so that one doesn’t loose it after a format. If u can’t find it, its possible that the n93 lacks it!

  3. When you registered at yamigo, at the time when you were entering your msn id etc, if u ticked the get contacts option then its done automatically for you. In case u forgot, u can go back to the site, go into the details and recheck that box.. Hope this helps.. Otherwise for msg fring works out pretty well.

  4. is it me or does that say the fastest poll time is 2 mins? thats crazy.. its supposed to be an INSTANT messenger.. i cant wait two mins for me messages to arrive!?

  5. It worked for me pretty much instantly mate.
    However, now another free option is the gizmo client from nokia that supports msn, yahoo and others. Plus it integrates well with the contacts application!

  6. I wouldnt really trust third party providers. Some of them have since proven to have or have had links to certain intelligence agencies, either as a provider of services or as fronts, particularly Israeli ones. I just hope the account details you provide are not too important to you in terms of privacy. Lets not be naive.

  7. I want to use the built-in IM of my phone
    Is there any client that no need to download anything like yamigo and packetbox?

    Thanks for your reply, but Mobjab doesn’t have yahoo..

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